Are you planning a vacation? Authorization for Care

Will someone be caring for your pet while your on vacation? Are you planning to take you pet with you? If you will be flying with your pet, it is important to know that most all major airlines require a small animal health certificate for pets to fly, to be completed within (for most airlines) 10 days of travel. Your pet will need to have a current rabies vaccine which can be administered at the time of the exam for the health certificate. If your pet already has a current rabies vaccine through another clinic, you will need to provide a copy of a current rabies certificate. If you do not have one, please bring the contact information for the veterinary office that has this information. If someone will be caring for your pet while you are on vacation, please clink on the link below to fill out the Vacation Release Form. This forms gives you the opportunity to ensure that your pet will receive necessary care in the event of an illness or emergency while you are away. Once this form has been filled out, you can either email or bring it into the clinic to be attached to your pet’s medical record.

Vacation Release Form